Ceramic Coatings for Automotive

We utilize Ceramic Coating within our Calgary shop.

A ceramic coating bonds at the molecular level to seal and protect the surfaces of your vehicle.

Driving within Calgary and beyond exposes your vehicle to environmental contaminants, harmful UV rays, insect acids, and more.

Our ceramic coating will project your car or truck, while also providing resistance to light scratches and fading. The coating has hydrophobic properties which repel dirt and liquids.

What types of surfaces can your Ceramic Coating be applied on?

Ceramic Coating can be used on a variety of surfaces including:

  • On Painted Surfaces
  • On top of Paint Protection Film (recommended)
  • Wheel & Caliper
  • Glass Ceramic Coating
  • Upholstery Ceramic Coating
  • Plastic & Trim Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating FAQ

Ceramic coatings are vehicle surface protection “systems” which can be applied to any exterior surface on the vehicle. Sometimes referred to as quartz or glass coatings, it is a silicone based liquid applied to the vehicle, which dries clear and provides excellent protection.


The surface is low-friction, slippery and smooth. The coating doesn’t allow for dirt, dust, tar, oil, or other contaminants to adhere to the surface, ultimately decreasing maintenance and increasing resale value.

You will also notice an increase in both glossiness and depth of colour in your cars paint, as the lack of contaminants allows for light to reflect more evenly, and continue to do so over time & miles.

We have a in-house process inspired by industry best practices, then taken to the next level. Paintwork is first fully decontaminated before the coating is applied one panel at a time.

We recommend a deep clean and paint decontamination at least once a year, to remove any road tar, tree sap, and other detritus. Maintaining a smooth surface means particulate has nowhere to adhere. In some cases we may recommend a supplementary coating.

Ultimately, this depends on how much the vehicle is being driven, and the cleanliness of the environment in general. If you drive down dusty gravel roads daily, the coating will last not nearly as long as if you keep your car covered in a garage except for the rare Sunday drive.

You can increase the life of your coating by regular washing & avoiding dirty driving conditions. Abrasion is the enemy of a good ceramic coating — we strongly recommend using only touchless washing.

Actually, it’s best to put the ceramic coating on overtop of the paint protection film. Primarily because the ceramic coating is so smooth it’s difficult to adhere a film to it, and secondarily because the ceramic coating overtop of the film helps to deepen the colour while also protecting the paint film.

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