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  • Drishti Lakhani

    This is such a great place to get your car detailed!
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  • Michael Humphreys

    Amazing service. Looks like it's a new car again
  • Kristina Saedi

    We can not recommend Refine Salon enough. I walked in for pricing and Richard set the bar by taking the time to discuss tint percentages and product…
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  • Francois Viljoen

    Absolutely perfect quality of work.
  • Sourav Bhattacharya

    Outstanding experience at Refine. I got the entire front and back of my vehicle PPF'ed at Refine, along with UV blocking tints on the front windows,…
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  • Paul Natland

    Highly recommend Mike and the team at Refine. They installed PPF, polished our incredibly difficult black SUV and ceramic coated the truck. Mike's…
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  • Admin 2020 Blinds

    Really happy with their service from setting expectations at the start, offering a reasonable price, quality of work and making sure I was happy after…
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  • Shaylene

    I had my car detailed here last week, and it looks amazing! Mike and the rest of the staff were very friendly and professional. I will definitely be…
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  • Oxana L

    I had my vehicle detailed here a week ago and the result exceeded all expectations! The interior of my vehicle including the trunk looks like new. So…
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