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  • John Froese

    They do GREAT WORK!!
  • Reece Hornby

    One of the best in the city. I’ve gone to many PPF places and paid the price. If you want the best quality and talented group, look no further,…
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  • irre levant

    Refine Automotive Salon has been doing my Car PPF for years 9 years, The best shop in Town, Every time they do a PPF for me, I am always blown away…
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  • Dave Choi

    Amazing job! Richard was great to communicate with. Igor and team did an incredible job on PPF, tint and EXOShield installation. Highly recommend.
  • Moto Sori

    They tried to find the best options for what I wanted and did the excellent job in professional way. Thank you!
  • Drishti Lakhani

    This is such a great place to get your car detailed!
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  • Michael Humphreys

    Amazing service. Looks like it's a new car again
  • Kristina Saedi

    We can not recommend Refine Salon enough. I walked in for pricing and Richard set the bar by taking the time to discuss tint percentages and product…
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  • Francois Viljoen

    Absolutely perfect quality of work.